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Gueray : A portable cd player for car with Headphones and usb review

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Is it really you don’t need a portable cd player for your car? as a new cars has auto cd player already integrated but not everyone can afford pay for new cars so you need an external cd drive for car so this article will help you to find the best portable cd player for car with AUX cable and even if you think nostalgic stuff as Walkman CD  to play your old CD’s.

This portable cd player from Gueray all the features you’re looking for can be found on this portable cd player, low charging and you can power it by USB to high play time good price and easy to follow instructions.

Lets get to the Gueray A portable cd player for car with Headphones and usb Full features:

1: Multifunctional

The CD player has various modern features as anti-skip even if you try to make it skip by turning it upside down and shaking it, it didn’t skip at all its an anti-shock system to prevent interruption of CD playback in case of vibration also you will see a DIR and this will make  All files can be played back repeatedly for mp3 of course every portable cd player for cars have sounds effects and this one has 5 Sound Effects: BBS, Pop, Jazz, Rock, Classic.

2: Compatibility

if you’re looking for a portable Cd player for car with aux that can be connected with all audible devices 3.5mm audio input, like connecting the speaker or headsets this CD player gives you more choices to enjoy your favorite Music as its Widely compatible with CD, MP3 CD, CD-R, HDCD formats.

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3- Rechargeable Battery

not all of portable cd player for car comes with battery but this Gueray portable personal CD player comes with a 1400mh lithium battery. Don’t need to use AA batteries or always plug the charger into the CD player any more.

Although having portable cd players for your car it seems to be made to work very well and what make it so good that you don’t need batteries, it charges with the usb cable.

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