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HOTT CD611 Personal Compact portable cd player for cars with bluetooth and aux review

if you are constantly listen to audiobooks and your car does not have a jack or CD player then this HOTT CD611 Personal Compact portable cd player for cars with bluetooth and aux review


Hott is one of the best small portable cd player for car with multi functions of their various products This classical portable CD player looks high-end and exquisite. Just relax yourself and enjoy your alone time.

Hott Features:

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1. Simple & High-end CD Player

Lets start our review by its design hott player cd hasa classical black or white, smooth appearance with great Led display like old days walkman, allowing you to see the current playing soundtrack and a multi functions button to choose your favorite EQ function, its really a fashionable portable cd player to use in your car.

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2.Multi-function Key Buttons

Personal CD players Including DIR, ASP, skip back, skip forward, play, pause, EQ music effect, MODE. DIR is for MP3 CD which maybe have 100 songs or more, they will can divided into several small catalogs, for example 20 songs in each catalogs, then it will have 5 catalogs, every time you press the DIR, it will skip to next catalog. ASP is the shock protection key.EQ effect mode includes BBS, JAZZ, ROCK, CLASSIC style. Playing mode includes single cycle, ALL, INTRO,

3.Anti-shock Function

Usually when a cd player got a shoc it stop rotating and only wil read 10 seconds of cd’s information and then it will stop at this portabel cd your sound music won’s be affected by shock for 40 seconds and the cd will keep cycling to work like a normal.

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4.Widely Use

The portable music CD player compatible with CD, MP3 CD, CD-R, CD-RW, CD WMA audio files, AUX connected with all audible devices 3.5mm audio input. Multi-choice for your options to give you the best portable music player.

One of the positives thing of this portable cd player with external speakers for cars because this cd player comes with AUX so you can connect an external speaker with a cable so you can still enjoy listening to music or lectures while you drive.

So if you are looking for an exceptional deal in exchange of the money you pay for this product, then never think twice before buying it. This might top your priority list!

Great sound
easy to operate
great anti skip
Based on Reviews battery die fast